Keep Your Revenue Going With A Digital Membership

Discover a revolutionary, turnkey digital membership and engagement solution. Stay connected to your clients via your personalized app and combine in-facility training with digital on-demand workout videos and more.
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Add Value & Boost Revenue

Combine offline and online services to offer your clients more, increase the value of your offering and start monetizing your online products.

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Engage Clients

Reduce churn by fostering connections and engagement with your clients, and keep them motivated wherever they prefer to work out.

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Offer More in Less Time

We do the heavy lifting for you with challenges, content and community enagement, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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Retention Dashboard

Track retention, prevent churn and increase your revenue with the power of data at your fingertips. The clear and to-the-point dashboard helps you understand client behavior like never before.

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Access Control Integration

Streamline your facility check-in process with a hardware solution of your choice and track and monitor client visits in one comprehensive overview.

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Powerful Process Automation

Start saving time today by letting Virtuagym do the heavy lifting for you: automate tedious admin tasks, reduce time-consuming phone calls and focus on growing your business.

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Make the best of your digital membership offering with PRO+

More than 9,000 businesses trust Virtuagym

More than 9,000 businesses across the world trust Virtuagym with their fitness software

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